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What is the best Beatles album??

Survey created on 28th September 2009   |   Edit

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1.A Hard Day's Night Edit
2.Abbey Road Edit
3.Anthology 1 Edit
4.Anthology 2 Edit
5.Anthology 3 Edit
6.Beatles 1 Edit
7.Beatles For Sale Edit
8.Blue Album (1967-1970) Edit
9.Free As A Bird Edit
10.Help! Edit
11.Hey Jude Edit
12.Let It Be Edit
13.Live At The BBC (Live) Edit
14.Love Edit
15.Magical Mystery Tour Edit
16.Past Masters, Vol. 1 Edit
17.Past Masters, Vol. 2 Edit
18.Please Please Me Edit
19.Real Love Edit
20.Red Album (1962-1966) Edit
21.Revolver Edit
22.Rubber Soul Edit
23.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Edit
24.Sing-A-Long Edit
25.White Album Edit
26.With The Beatles Edit
27.Yellow Submarine Edit
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