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What is the best Beatles album??

Survey Results Average Vote Number of Votes
1.Rubber Soul9.064 votes
2.Revolver8.866 votes
3.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band8.767 votes
4.Abbey Road8.766 votes
5.White Album8.668 votes
6.Past Masters, Vol. 28.245 votes
7.Magical Mystery Tour7.963 votes
8.Help!7.960 votes
9.A Hard Day's Night7.959 votes
10.Past Masters, Vol. 17.944 votes
11.With The Beatles7.662 votes
12.Let It Be7.557 votes
13.Blue Album (1967-1970)7.541 votes
14.Red Album (1962-1966)7.437 votes
15.Please Please Me7.358 votes
16.Anthology 27.241 votes
17.Live At The BBC (Live)7.236 votes
18.Beatles 17.141 votes
19.Love7.138 votes
20.Anthology 37.040 votes
21.Hey Jude6.932 votes
22.Beatles For Sale6.857 votes
23.Anthology 16.641 votes
24.Free As A Bird6.530 votes
25.Real Love6.226 votes
26.Yellow Submarine6.154 votes
27.Sing-A-Long4.522 votes
Totals: 7.4 1315 votes

Any questions not listed have not yet received any votes.

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