Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why did you make the site?
We just what to know what the best is. About everything. And we think the best way to find out is to ask lots of people, and inquire how strongly they feel about it. That's why we ask them to score each item out of 10 rather than just picking one 'top' item from a list.

2) What data do you collect about me?
We just collect your IP address (a unique number that help identify your computer or network). We have no idea who you are; you could be George Bush for all we care. The only reason we collect your IP address is to look for patterns in people who are abusing the surveys so that we can take 'em down if necessary.

3) How does voting work?
It couldn't be simpler. We just take the average (mean) score for each question.

4) You realise this is like, totally un-scientific, right?
Yes. We pride ourselves on spurious, poorly collected data sets, entered by enthusiasic, yet highly biased individuals, leading to results that are entirely statistically insignificant. That said, it is still really fun and often revealing.

5) How do we stop voter fraud? People can change questions and surveys! They can keep voting for the same item!
- We use a Captcha to stop bots (automated voting androids).
- Everyone can view the history of changes to any survey or question, and change it back if some nasty fool has changed it to something it shouldn't be.
- We store IP address for everyone who makes changes to the surveys and questions so we can ban people if needed.
- We only let you change surveys and questions a little bit. If you change the text too much you can't save it.
- You can only vote 3 times a day on each survey.

6) What is a "Wiki"?
A Wiki is a web site that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. We let you add new surveys, or change any existing survey. Just look for the "create", "edit" and "add" links on various pages.

7) Why do you let other people change my survey? Why don't you get users to register?
We use crowdsourcing (outsourcing to the community) to help ensure the surveys are kept in order. Just like Wikipedia, the power of the people, and trust in those people, ensures that surveys remain useful, clean and fun.

8) Can I create a private poll?
No, you can't at this time.

9) How is it free?
Sometimes people click on our adverts and we get a little bit of money for it. We use that money for hosting costs, and Aston Martins.

10) How long will my survey stay active?
Forever. Or as close to it as we can manage.

11) How can I contact Wikid Survey?
You can email us at, and we will be sure to ignore it at our earliest convenience.